Transaction Advisory

Alderney Advisors gives direction to clients considering acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and other significant transactions. Operating at “deal speed”, Alderney professionals provide tailored analysis, advice, and solutions aimed at maximizing value and minimizing risk. Our team brings to bear unique experiences spanning “Big 4” transaction advisory, investment banking, executive management, corporate finance, commercial banking, financial modelling, and data analytics.

Areas of Expertise

Transaction rationale

Sometimes your next deal is your best deal; sometimes the best deal is the one never realized. Sound investment/divestment strategy is essential to maximizing returns on capital deployed.

  • Target assessment and identification
  • Transaction structures, negotiation and execution
  • Funding and liquidity implications
  • Investment alternatives and carve-outs

Financial analysis and due diligence

Comprehensive buy-side and sell-side analysis of financial information to validate an investment thesis, uncover potential issues, and facilitate negotiations.

  • Quality of earnings, net assets, and cash flows analyses
  • Assessment of key business drivers
  • Normalized EBITDA, net working capital, and debt / debt-like items reviews
  • Evaluation of financial forecasts and management teams
  • Purchase price adjustments and purchase agreements support
  • Analysis of key contracts and profitability
  • Identification and validation of synergies
  • Transaction readiness assessments

Valuations, financial modelling, and data analytics

The right tools and market intelligence greatly enhance decision making. Know the value of your assets, simplify performance monitoring processes, spot trends, and gain insights about future results.

  • Valuations of enterprises and equity interests on a controlling or minority basis
  • Purchase price allocation and intangible assets valuation
  • Goodwill impairment testing
  • Asset-based valuation and liquidation analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis and market multiples
  • Development of complex business models and integrated financial forecasts


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