Areas of Expertise

Alderney’s core supply risk management competencies include:

  • Financial assessments
  • Viability analyses
  • Alternatives / scenario analyses to assist clients in choosing a direction
  • Support of client objectives through a supplier restructuring process
  • Manufacturing / operations support on site
  • Resourcing assistance
  • Negotiation of accommodation and related agreements with suppliers and their constituents (e.g., lenders, equity holders, vendors, other customers)
  • Bankruptcy and transaction navigation

Alderney Scorecard™

A Distinct Approach to Supplier Risk Assessment

The Alderney Scorecard™ is an insightful analytical tool explicitly designed to proactively assess and track the financial health of a company’s supply base. As globalization and localization trends continue, with businesses striving for lower cost solutions and proximity to critical emerging markets, supply risk management is more vital than ever to a company’s success. Regular and consistent monitoring of supply base financial health is a key element in mitigating risk from supplier failure; the cost of which can substantially impact profits and disrupt operations.

The Alderney Scorecard™ provides clients, both global and local, with a turnkey service to support these critical activities. This solution-based risk management tool has proven to be a critical indicator of financial risk within existing supply bases, as well as an extremely valuable resource in new supplier sourcing decisions. Through decades of invaluable case experience in the manufacturing sector, the Alderney team recognizes that each risk assessment study presents unique nuances and therefore human interaction is essential to capturing relevant detail and producing optimum results.

Alderney has developed a distinct 3-phased approach which serves as a framework enforcing the discipline of maintaining consistency in identifying the critical qualitative factors driving the quantitative results. The three distinct and equally critical phases of this disciplined approach define the core of what differentiates the Alderney Scorecard™ from other risk management alternatives, reflecting the firm’s commitment to producing a high quality deliverable for our clients.


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