Sometimes loans or investments become challenged. Alderney Advisors helps lenders find the optimal method of recovering their investments, whether through business restructuring, sale, or liquidation. Creditor organizations have special needs and rights to ensure their interests are protected in times of financial or industrial turmoil – the Alderney team has a keen understanding of which levers can be pulled and how far other constituents can be pushed to protect those interests. We serve lenders directly, or through counsel, as well as their borrowers to provide the financial and operational transparency necessary to move forward.

Strategic Advisory

Alderney partners with lenders or borrowers to critically analyze the situation and the sources of funding available. The Alderney team is well versed in developing strategies enabling cash conversion acceleration and cash disbursement deceleration. Our professionals are close to the markets and can readily assess opportunities and recommend sustainable alternatives.

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Restructuring and Turnaround Advisory

If a situation is particularly dire and the luxury of time is not available, our team is adept at making critical assessments of the balance sheet, looking for liquidity and collateral which could provide the necessary breathing room to properly orient the business. Liquidity could be improved by a refinancing, a forbearance agreement, plant closings, headcount reductions, supply chain initiatives, sale of non-core assets, or any other number of strategic options that have deployed successfully in the past. When in-court restructuring is required, we advise secured lenders and their borrowers to arrive at the best alternatives for all constituents; our team has extensive experience with 363 restructuring solutions in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

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Transaction Advisory

In today’s heightened regulatory environment, a reliable quality of earnings analysis is paramount to any transaction financing – lenders require transparency as to whether a borrower’s earnings and cash flow will be sufficient to service its debt. Lenders rely on Alderney for quality of earnings reports and transaction due diligence. Alderney’s comprehensive due diligence approach involves digging deep beyond the reported financial statement numbers to derive key insights that enable lenders to make well-informed investment decisions, mitigate risk, avoid surprises, and enhance credibility with third-party constituents.

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