The Alderney team has led over 150 automotive engagements, driving successful solutions to clients. Alderney professionals help OEMs and suppliers manage their supply bases, implement restructuring initiatives, evaluate acquisitions and divestitures, understand key trends, and manage challenging dispute matters. As automotive and manufacturing companies continue to face critical strategic and financial decisions driven by progressive technological innovation, regulatory changes and an evolving competitive landscape, partnering with a team of experienced advisors with extensive professional networks can make all the difference.

Supply Risk Management

The Alderney team possesses a rich background in protecting supply bases from risks magnified by just-in-time delivery and single-source purchasing. Services span proactive reviews with the Alderney Scorecard™ assigning financial health to companies to complete financial and operational support during supply crises.

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Alderney Advisors has extensive experience in bringing constituents in a turnaround together for a shared solution. When options are narrowing, Alderney Advisors can provide timely and well thought out strategic alternatives to guide parties to the best solution.

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A transaction in the automotive or manufacturing space requires deep expertise and knowledge of industry complexities across multiple disciplines including financial, commercial, operations, technology, human resources, tax, legal, and regulatory. Alderney has extensive expertise navigating clients through these intricacies. Our professionals drive collaboration across work streams to build a common focus on the key transaction drivers critical to a successful transaction outcome.

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Strategic Advisory

Trends in the automotive and manufacturing industries are significantly influenced by changing macro-economic conditions, technological evolution, and corporate strategies. Our professionals assess the client’s situation amongst these top trends and help develop detailed successful strategies and profitable outcomes.

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Dispute Resolution

When events don’t go as planned, the Alderney team is highly skilled at quickly understanding complex business issues, gathering the necessary information, developing the analytical framework in support of a client’s interests, and providing the expert testimony to support those interests.

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