Other Advisors

Alderney leverages its extensive financial expertise in teaming with other professional advisors to provide clients comprehensive and impactful business solutions. Our professionals work alongside attorneys, investment bankers, CPA firms, and others professional advisors on complex transactions, restructurings, and litigation support matters across multiple industries, always seeking the best path forward.

Transaction Advisory

Alderney assists investment banking professionals, transaction attorneys, and other deal professionals throughout the transaction cycle. Our team supports due diligence, quality of earnings, valuations, target/divestiture candidate identification, market analysis, purchase/sale agreements, and sell-side preparation to help preserve value, accelerate transaction timelines, minimize disruptions, and limit surprises.

Sell Side Advisory – Investment Bankers and Counsel

Teamed with an investment banking firm and customer and debtor counsel to facilitate the sale of an automotive interior-components manufacturer with operations in the U.S. and Mexico. Reviewed buyer due diligence information, offering memoranda, and management presentations. Assisted customers with buyer interviews, bid evaluations, buyer approval, and post-transaction contracts. Helped negotiate settlement of pre-sale obligations. Result was a successful strategic purchase by a portfolio company of a global private investment firm and no customer supply interruptions.

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Restructuring and Turnaround Advisory

Alderney professionals team with insolvency and bankruptcy attorneys and other restructuring and turnaround professionals to navigate challenging situations, from out-of-court solutions to the most complex in-court processes. Alderney provides clarity to cash flow and liquidity, develops and assesses forecasts and strategies, and helps identify optimal pathways for moving to and through the restructuring process.

Precision Machining – Restructuring

Together with a team of professionals – debtor, lender, and customer counsel; Chief Restructuring Officer; investment banking team – guided a distressed precision machining company, as well as its customers, private-equity owner, and lender, to a comprehensive solution. Conducted financial analysis, prepared multiple scenario analyses, assisted with negotiation of accommodation and loan agreements, assessed potential buyers and their offers, reviewed proposals from liquidators, and supported a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Business interruptions minimized; value maximized.

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Dispute Resolution

The Alderney team is highly skilled at quickly understanding complex business issues, gathering critical information, developing the analytical framework in support of a client’s interests, and providing the expert testimony to support those interests..

Financial Expert Witness – Defendant’s Counsel

Supported defendant’s counsel as expert witness in a breach of fiduciary duty case in connection with a medical services company’s bankruptcy. Through extensive review of discovery materials, uncovered critical items that aided the defendant’s case. Report was key to rebutting plaintiff’s expert.

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