Amidst a robust merger and acquisition environment and abundant supply of capital, the competition to identify and close quality investments is high. Private equity firms face pressure on returns, increased scrutiny from regulators and limited partners, as well as a rising importance to differentiate capabilities and define niche strategies. Alderney guides its investor clients towards better-informed investment decisions, optimized portfolio company performance, and higher returns upon exit. Our team promotes deal flow by leveraging its extensive network of executives and professionals across industries and functions.

Transaction Advisory

Alderney works with deal teams to conduct focused, detailed buy-side due diligence and proactively use the findings to adjust purchase price, negotiate purchase agreement protections, prepare integration and synergy-realization plans, and decide to walk away from the deal, if necessary. Alderney also guides clients through sell-side due diligence to preserve value, accelerate transaction timelines, minimize disruptions, and enhance credibility.

Buy Side Advisory – Real Estate Broker

Provided buy-side due diligence services for a group of private investors. Analyzed quality of earnings, bridged pro forma financial results, assessed management team, identified key contracts requiring further legal and human resources analysis, recognized on-and off-balance-sheet risks to be addressed in the purchase agreement, and supported the transaction financing and closing processes.

Sell Side Advisory – Aluminum Casting

Engaged to advise a private equity client on the contemplated divestiture of a portfolio company with approximately $150 million in annual revenue. Analyzed financial results, cash flows, earnings potential, working capital, and debt obligations of the portfolio company in collaboration with the top management team, investment banking advisors, and the accounting firm. Efforts led initially to a recapitalization of the portfolio company coupled with the divestiture of certain non-core assets and ultimately to a successful sale of the remaining facilities.

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Strategic Advisory

Beyond the deal, the Alderney team is committed to assisting investors turn investments into catalysts for growth and value creation. We assess portfolio company improvement initiatives, such as customer segmentation, geographic expansion, and product line strategies. We advise on sales and marketing effectiveness, pricing methodologies, and post-merger integration, as well as initiatives to improve profitability and capital efficiency.

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