Alderney has partnered with companies and guided management teams through hundreds of engagements, consistently focused on moving the ball forward toward success. Alderney professionals help companies as well as municipalities execute restructuring initiatives, evaluate transactions, design and implement sustainable strategies, and navigate through challenging dispute matters. Alderney provides straight-forward, executable advice and assistance in managing constituents so a clear path to success exists. Our unique qualifications are a product of experience, dedication, professional standing, and teamwork.

Restructuring and Turnaround Advisory

Alderney Advisors has deep expertise in bringing constituents in a turnaround together, leading to a shared solution. When options are narrowing, Alderney Advisors can provide timely and well thought out strategic alternatives to guide stakeholders to an optimal solution.

Educational Institution – Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Engaged as part of the Chief Restructuring Officer team to prepare a shuttered private educational institution for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and liquidate its assets for maximum value. Obtained in-depth understanding of debtor’s cash needs over the liquidation timeframe through analysis of financial information, contract reviews, and key stakeholder interviews. Developed detailed weekly budgets to support DIP financing approval. Teamed with debtor and creditor counsel on court filings and bankruptcy schedules. Oversaw sales and marketing efforts.

Consumer Electronic Product Refurbisher/Reseller

Interim management for a single facility consumer electronic product refurbisher/reseller. Engaged to evaluate the long-term viability of the company. Based on our critical analysis, it was determined that long-term viability was improbable; operated the company while managing a sale process to maximize value of both intangible and tangible assets. Worked with stakeholders and managed an auction sale process resulting in a sale to a strategic buyer at maximized values.

Medical Supplies Provider – Bankruptcy

Advised a leading mail order provider of diabetes testing supplies and certain medical equipment through Chapter 11 proceedings. The company faced a rapid business deterioration exasperated by a large level of contingent liabilities because of litigation and multiple investigations by government authorities. Assisted the management team with cash flow management, business planning, claims resolution strategies, and a sale process. The company was ultimately sold through a successful auction process.

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Transaction Advisory

Transactions require deep expertise and knowledge of complexities across multiple disciplines including financial, commercial, operations, technology, human resources, tax, legal, and regulatory. Alderney has extensive expertise navigating clients through these intricacies and driving collaboration and focus across work streams. Alderney works with companies to conduct focused, detailed buy-side due diligence and proactively use the findings to adjust purchase price, negotiate purchase agreement protections, prepare integration and synergy-realization plans, and decide to walk away from the deal, if necessary. Alderney also guides clients through sell-side due diligence to preserve value, accelerate transaction timelines, minimize disruptions, and enhance credibility.

Cross-Border Joint Venture

Led financial due diligence of a distressed metals company with which client was seeking to form a joint venture. Conducted on-site financial analysis and review of audit work papers in Canada. Highlighted key issues around target’s cost structure and cross-charges from a related entity, which client was able to address in the JV agreement. Uncovered significant unfunded pension and OPEB issues, which led to a significant purchase price reduction.

Asset Deal

Advised a global corporation on its acquisition of certain assets of three facilities in a bankruptcy process. Analyzed assets to be acquired (including a fixed asset appraisal), quality of target’s financial information, and liabilities to be assumed from the bankrupt estate for commercial or legal reasons. Rapid identification of multiple significant issues – including a significant workers’ compensation liability, cure risks with pre-petition payables to critical vendors, and deposits and cash-in-advance amounts with certain other vendors – allowed the client and its legal counsel to proactively undertake several successful mitigation actions prior to the transaction closing.

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Strategic Advisory

Alderney professionals partner with and guide leadership teams of organizations to make optimal strategic decisions and maximize stakeholder value. Our strategic advisors are experts at framing decision trees, defining goals and deploying tactics to achieve the end game.

Financial Reporting – Municipality

Worked with a governmental unit of a major municipality to structure timely and accurate financial reporting. The entity required timely management information to ascertain revenue streams and align them with expenditures. Designed a detailed report format and specific policies and procedures to drive a streamlined, repeatable process. The outcome was robust, accurate, and timely information to optimally position the governmental unit to fulfill its reporting obligations and address all constituents.

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Dispute Resolution

When parties are misaligned, the Alderney team is highly skilled at quickly understanding complex business issues, gathering the necessary information, developing the analytical framework in support of a client’s interests, and providing the expert testimony to support those interests.

Viability Assessment of Regional Utility Plan

The Alderney team is highly skilled at quickly understanding complex business issues, gathering critical information, developing the analytical framework in support of a client’s interests, and providing the expert testimony to support those interests.

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